• Horses in Action
    Watch the show jumping and riding



All exhibits are to be in the hands of the Stewards by 9:15am on the morning of the Show, so that Judges can commence their judging in scheduled time, and to allow the pavilion doors to be opened to the public at 1pm.

All exhibitors, visitors and unauthorised persons must leave the Hall whilst judging is in progress. Pavillion doors close at 9:30am sharp.

No entry to be removed before 4:00pm.

Entry tickets to be fixed securely to all exhibits (except livestock). If you are unsure of the procedure for your Section, contact the Steward or the Secretary.

Entry Information & Rules
Entry Forms (Pdf)

A - Horses in Action (includes Entry Form)
C - Beef Cattle (includes Entry Form)
F - Poultry
G - Grain and Fodder 1
H - Wool 1
I - Home Produce 1
J - Cookery 1
J - Rich Fruit & Genoa Cake Comp
J-1 Cookery 1
2017 Laucke Scone Competition  
K - Vegetables
L - Sewing & Needlework 1
L-1 - Patchwork & Quilting
M - Knitting 1
N - Crafts 1
N - Art 1
O - Cut Flowers 1
O-1 - Floral Art 1
O-2 - Pot Plants 1
P - Photography 1
Q - Junk Metal ** New Section **
R-1 - Junior Craft 1
R-2 - Junior Cookery 1
R-3 - Junior Lego 1